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We are Bright Thinker®

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Learn about our passion to develop and deliver quality education for a new generation of learners.

What makes us Bright Thinker

Bright Thinker began in Lewisville, Texas, in 2015. We formed our curriculum company in an effort to serve K-12 students and provide each of them with an opportunity to receive the education they deserve.

Our key principles are reflected in the success of the teachers and students we support.

Bright Thinker strives to provide quality, character-based learning tools and options that equip students to be academically successful and school staff to better serve the students enrolled in their programs. 

Bright Thinker courses are intentionally designed to be academically rigorous and to provide different levels of learning to meet all the needs of students on all levels of academic learning.

Bright Thinker curriculums provides students with character-rich education that is embedded within the course material. This material is developed to address the social and emotional needs of students, all the while encouraging a life of moral excellence.

Meet the Bright Thinker team

Get to know about our experience, credentials, and why we’re passionate about rethinking education.

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