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BrightThinker® Partners

No teacher can do it alone. The same goes for a curriculum company.

It takes a team of dedicated education professionals to reach a student and guide them on their path to learning and growth. To fulfill our goal of serving the most challenging K-12 students, we’ve teamed up with a variety of different education partners.

These partnerships have allowed us to continue growing and reaching more students throughout the nation.


(CA/All States)

“BrightThinker has a rigorous curriculum that is engaging for students both online and in print. We get great support from our rep. The platform is easy to use. There is a great variety of courses available to our students.”

IEM Schools
Bear Butte School (Homeschool)
(CA/FL/All States)


“Our Environmental Science team appreciated the ease of use of the content and seamless Canvas integration. The content aligns well to our Georgia standards.”

Georgia Cyber

New Mexico

(NM/All States)


link to christian star academy
Christian Star Academy


“We love BrightThinker for our students who need differentiated learning options. Their product allows us to accommodate students and modify as needed for the students while maintaining alignment with state academic standards. The students seem to engage with the content positively and are typically quite successful. Our high school students have obtained the necessary credits that help them earn a diploma for graduation because of the positive impact BrightThinker has on them.”

Stillwater ISD


“The teachers love that the system is already set up with vocabulary, videos, and checkpoints–it is truly a one-stop-shop with communication and student performance management. We also like that we can customize each lesson. The math teachers especially like to record themselves working out examples and post it for students to review when needed.
Another major plus is the STAAR-designated courses, which will assist our students who need additional support throughout the year to retain summer course information. Our program is fast-paced, so some newly admitted students have to make up courses in the summer and then take the EOC in the fall. The STAAR-designated courses allow us to monitor student learning and also emphasize student accountability and good work habits.”

Stafford MSD
APEX Virtual (Homeschool)

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