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Adult Learning

Bright Thinker® also offers a number of adult learning courses that can help students prepare for the GED® or U.S. citizenship test, as well as a number of other courses for those beyond high school age who are looking to learn, grow, and further their careers.

The learning process doesn’t stop during adulthood

The only thing that changes is the path each person’s learning trajectory takes. Some master a trade, others pursue a talent, and others seek higher education. Some adult learners take a brief step back so that they can take a giant leap forward.

Our GED/HiSET courses offer help with that and much more. 

If you’re looking to earn your GED or your High School Equivalency certificate, we’ve got courses that cover all you need to know to ace your test and start pursuing whatever career path might speak to you. The courses cover all necessary topics, including math, language arts, social studies, and science, as well as adaptive courses for HiSET prep.

Start your journey to becoming a U.S. Citizen

Becoming an American citizen can open you up to a number of great opportunities for both your career and your life, but first, you’re going to need to pass your U.S. citizenship test. 

Our prep course can help you learn all you need to know about the American government, U.S. history, civics, reading and writing, and geography. Beyond the specific information that will be included in the test, the course also offers useful tips on studying and test prep.

Prepare to launch your future career

Unfortunately, many learning programs don’t focus on preparing students for navigating the working world. While students may learn many things that can be applied to a given career, they often do not learn how to build a resume and develop soft skills that might get them into the door in a particular industry or how to maintain a good work-life balance once they’ve been hired.

Our Investigating Careers course can help students prepare for life in the workplace. They can learn how to successfully navigate a job interview, continue developing themselves to become more hirable, and find the best career path. Courses cover business, marketing, finance, human services, technology, education, and more.

Want to start an adult learning experience?

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