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Standardized tests are a source of great anxiety for many students. Anything that can help them not only feel better prepared, but also have a much higher chance of passing, can be a tremendous relief. Bright Thinker’s curriculum aligns with all state testing standards, which means it can be used to prepare students for standardized testing. 

Every course we offer in subjects that have a coinciding standardized test will help students be prepared for test day. We also have multiple courses designed specifically to prepare students for the Texas STAAR® tests administered in fifth grade, eighth grade, and high school.

Math STAAR® Study Guides

We have three different courses dedicated to helping students prepare for math STAAR® tests: the Fifth Grade Math STAAR® Study Guide, the Eighth Grade Math STAAR® Study Guide, and the Algebra I STAAR® Study Guide.

History STAAR® Study Guides

We offer two different courses designed to help students prepare for their history STAAR® tests: the Eighth Grade U.S. History STAAR® Study Guide and the High School United States History STAAR® Study Guide.

Science STAAR® Study Guides

These three courses have been carefully constructed to guide students through studying for science STAAR® tests: the Fifth Grade Science STAAR® Study Guide, the Eighth Grade Science STAAR® Study Guide, and the STAAR® Biology Study Guide.

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