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We are here to help and support our educators.


Here is a collection of useful resources that can help leaders at schools across the country find the answers they need.

Teacher & Tutors

Staying on top of the ever-shifting world of education is difficult enough as it is for the teachers and tutors of the world. Here’s our collection of resources to make your job a little bit easier.

Parents & Students

As the world of education that your child is experiencing continues to change, it becomes increasingly distant from the education you received. Here are some resources to keep you up to speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Bright Thinker cost?

State funding models are unique. Bright Thinker works with each school and district to meet their needs with pricing that works within their funding model.

Can homeschool students purchase Bright Thinker Digital or KnowledgeUnits work-text?

Bright Thinker’s Inside Sales Team works to satisfy the needs of independent homeschoolers who are not associated with a school or a state-funded independent study program.

Will students be academically prepared for standardized assessments?

Courses are academically rigorous and provide different levels of learning to meet the requirements of all 50 states.

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