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BrightThinker® Team

Before you choose a learning program for your students, it’s always a good idea to look into who made that learning program and what their credentials are.

At BrightThinker, you can rest assured that the curriculums we offer was created by a team of passionate individuals. We offer years of experience and formal education as teachers and developers of curriculum, along with a passion for providing young people with the opportunity to learn in a way that engages and challenges them.

Meet the team

We are here to help determine and support your needs to help in your schools, homes, or anywhere your students may need to learn.

Executive Vice President of Operations

Lonnie Morgan

An EdTech career that spans more than 25 years has allowed Lonnie to witness the transition of a classroom with a single computer sitting idle in the back, to entire districts being one-to-one. He is excited to lead a skillful team of educational professionals who are dynamic, forward-thinking eLearning advocates. Lonnie and the BrightThinker team seeks to offer highly responsive, cutting-edge solutions to the schools, students and staff they serve.  

Bright Life

Lonnie is married to his highschool girlfriend. They have two adult sons. She, along with their sons work in various areas of public and private education. 


He is a self-confessed rabid fan of Arsenal FC and the English Premier League. 

“Go Gunners!”

Vice President of Curriculum Development

Terri Baumann

Terri is an educational professional who is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of courses and materials. She manages a team of curriculum developers and instructional designers. It is her responsibility to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing curriculum and make necessary changes and updates to ensure that the curriculum remains relevant and up-to-date.

Terri is passionate about education and is committed to creating a curriculum that meets the needs of learners and prepares them for a successful path to adulthood. She believes that education is a powerful tool for positive change, and is dedicated to ensuring that the curriculum she oversees helps students reach their full potential.

Bright Life

Terri has been working in the curriculum design process and overseeing the development of K-12 courses for 22 years. She has been married to the same wonderful husband for 24 years and counting.


Reading, spending time with family, hiking, being outdoors, and my job is my hobby, love it!

Connect with us

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