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Bright Thinker® Curriculum

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Highly-Rated Educational Materials

The Bright Thinker curriculum covers all core subjects for K-12 students and even offers some adult learning solutions for those seeking to continue their education beyond high school. In addition to math, English, history, and science, we offer a variety of courses in everything from music to art to musical theater to health—and much more. 


Students have access to their learning opportunities 24 hours a day from any device. Having the advantages of consistent accessibility combined with the positive elements of the classroom environment, students can flourish.


Real-time updates allow educators to identify and support students who are falling behind and provide them with support immediately. Accommodations are immediately reflected in the platform to promote student success.


Students complete a series of reviews to assess and ensure their mastery of the objectives in each of Bright Thinker’s units.


Educators can adjust courses to match their scope and sequence, provide concept or credit recovery, and allow students to focus on skills that require additional support.

Character-Rich Educational Content

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) teaches students character traits helps students understand and develop their personal and social qualities, such as honesty, kindness, and responsibility.

How does social and emotional learning affect development?

“By providing a kind environment, it helps to encourage optimal brain development as well as social connection and collaboration. In other words, SEL affects learning by shaping children's developing neural circuitry, particularly the executive functions.”


How It Works

Before you’re ready to start incorporating the Bright Thinker curriculum into your classroom, you will have to take a few steps. Take a look to learn more about how to get started.

Course Catalog

With over 120 different courses, there’s a lot to take in when it comes to the Bright Thinker curriculum. Fortunately, we’ve broken it all down into an easy-to-use virtual course catalog.

Accredited and Approved

  • Some schools that use Bright Thinker® as their primary or supplemental curriculum have been granted accreditation.
  • Bright Thinker® works closely with schools and accreditation agencies to meet academic content and online navigation standards.
  • Bright Thinker® is approved for use in BIE associated schools and delivered through Schoology.

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