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Dear Valued Educator,

Since 2015, Bright Thinker® has remained steadfast in our dedication to delivering the most effective curriculum and programs for both students and educators alike. Our resources epitomize innovation, aligning with state standards, catering to individual needs, fostering appropriate rigor, and employing differentiated design.

From our inception, Bright Thinker® has collaborated with select third-party retailers/vendors to ensure widespread access to our resources. Over the past three years, however, we’ve strengthened our own dedicated Sales Team to provide direct support to schools and districts across the United States!

Commencing August 1st, 2024, Bright Thinker® will exclusively offer its resources directly to schools and districts. As such, access to Bright Thinker® products through third-party resellers will cease.

Be assured, the Bright Thinker® team is fully committed to delivering top-tier service and support to you. Please complete the request for information, and our dedicated Bright Thinker® team will promptly arrange a meeting to facilitate a seamless transition for you and your students, ensuring no disruptions for the upcoming 2024/2025 school year!

Thank you once again for choosing Bright Thinker® as your educational partner!


Lonnie Morgan
EVP of Operations
Bright Thinker®

Curriculum Highlights

Why choose Bright Thinker for your learning needs?

The Bright Thinker® curriculum covers all core subjects for K-12 students and even offers some adult learning solutions for those seeking to continue their education beyond high school. In addition to math, English, history, and science, we offer a variety of courses in everything from music to art to musical theater to health—and much more. 

Blended Learning

Each student has a unique way of engaging with the subject matter, acquiring new information, and using it. That’s why we offer both online and printed materials in core and elective subjects.

Virtual Learning

Learning with handouts and physical textbooks is one way of engaging students, but today’s learners are often far more engaged in a digital setting.

IQ Learning

Advanced students may appear to require less attention, it is crucial for their education that their learning program challenges and engages them. Our cutting-edge learning tools enable these students to work at a pace that suits them best.

Professional Development

We provide customized professional development options to help users gain confidence in our platform.

Individualized Instruction

To meet the needs of every student, a curriculum that’s adaptable to every type of learning style is a necessity. Our customization features allow for that ability.

Advanced Analytics

We can help you quantify and monitor students in order to identify areas of focus and track progress.

Key Benefits

Unlock a world of potential for your students

Designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern classroom, Bright Thinker® aims to inspire creativity, instil critical thinking skills and foster an unstoppable thirst for knowledge in this ever-changing world.


Students have access to their learning opportunities 24 hours a day from any device. Having the advantages of consistent accessibility combined with the positive elements of the classroom environment, students can flourish.


Real-time updates allow educators to identify and support students who are falling behind and provide them with support immediately. Accommodations are immediately reflected in the platform to promote student success.


Students complete a series of reviews to assess and ensure their mastery of the objectives in each of Bright Thinker’s units.


Educators can adjust courses to match their scope and sequence, provide concept or credit recovery, and allow students to focus on skills that require additional support.


Educating Better

Educators from around the global have shared stories of their students successes. Our curriculum not only captivates the students for whom it was created but also the educators who use it.

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