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Bright Thinker offers a true academic accelerator, with dynamic media-rich, eCurriculum or print material in core and elective subjects.

Who We Are

We are a curriculum company based in Lewisville, Texas. Beginning in 2015, our curriculum was developed to serve the most challenging students in K - 12th grades.


We automate the teacher's ability to accelerate the student's particular learning style.

Why choose for your learning needs?

Professional Development

Bright Thinker provides customized Professional Development options to ensure that users are confident with the platform.

Virtual Learning

Bright Thinker’s model boasts a proven track record of success with students seeking credit recovery, engaging advanced students, homeschool curriculum, bridging learning gaps, and increasing graduation rates.

Blended Learning

With both online and printed materials in core and elective subjects, Bright Thinker’s curriculum fills in learning gaps by using a student’s strengths to address his or her weaknesses.

IQ Learning

Helps students be challenged and stay engaged using modern learning tools that allows advanced students to work at their own pace.


The adaptable program can monitor a student's progress, identify learning needs and track mastery of their skills.

Individualized Instruction

Through the customization features, Bright Thinker can be adapted to fit the needs of each learning style and address learning gaps in real-time.

About Bright Thinker

Beginning in 2015, Bright Thinker’s curriculum was developed in both paper and digital forms to serve the most challenging students in K – 12th grades. Our solutions work well for advanced students and those in credit recovery and supplemental applications, too. Today, numerous alternative accountability charter schools in Texas including ISDs use our curriculum for core classes, making us a proven leader in student success.

Bright Thinker’s customizable program allows students to work at their own pace. Moreover, the classwork is catered to different learning styles, so the curriculum is always challenging, stimulating, and beneficial. Bright Thinker’s precision, mastery-based learning system is engineered to build on a student’s strengths in a modern, engaging fashion. The dynamic program uses multi-media tools, a cutting-edge curriculum, and a personalized approach.

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“...It allowed a seamless transition to virtual learning for our students,

as well as virtual teaching for us as teachers...”


Math Specialist

"...The teachers have greatly benefited from Bright Thinker in that it takes

away some of the stress in developing and/or searching for high-level, rigorous lessons to offer the students.

The teachers have also enjoyed the ease in the usability of the program as well..."


DAEP Administrator

“Bright Thinker is an amazing program

that is very teacher-friendly and makes learning fun! ...”


Math Teacher