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BrightThinker offers a true academic accelerator with dynamic, media-rich, eCurriculum or paper booklets in core and elective subjects. We base our Precision, Mastery-Based Learning on four teaching methods: Connectional, Elevational, Directional, and Positional.


We are a nonprofit organization based in Lewisville, Texas. Beginning in 2015, our curriculum was developed in both paper and digital forms to serve the most challenging students in 3rd – 12th grades. We learned that our solutions work as well with advanced students as they do in credit recovery and supplemental applications. The systems and pedagogy of BrightThinker’S highly successful precision mastery-based model informs and creates a perfect environment for personalized learning. Our tools and models ensure high-quality education experiences.

In the past two consecutive years (2017 & 2018), 24 of the top 50 alternative accountability schools in Texas, use BrightThinker curriculum solutions. BrightThinker is a proven leader in student success.

Ref. Texas Education Agency data

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