A proven leader in promoting student success in academics.

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Through the implementation of the BrightThinker curriculum, schools have been able to measure comparable success from those students who are in advanced placement courses as they have seen with students who are in credit recovery or use the curriculum in supplemental applications. Today, 24 out of the top 50 alternative accountability Charter Schools in the state of Texas, including Independent School Districts, have successfully implemented BrightThinker’s core curriculum. This success has made BrightThinker a proven leader in promoting student success in academics.

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BrightThinker’s curriculum can promote learning in every type of learning environment.

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“...It allowed a seamless transition to virtual learning for our students,

as well as virtual teaching for us as teachers...”


Math Specialist

"...The teachers have greatly benefited from Bright Thinker in that it takes

away some of the stress in developing and/or searching for high-level, rigorous lessons to offer the students.

The teachers have also enjoyed the ease in the usability of the program as well..."


DAEP Administrator

“Bright Thinker is an amazing program

that is very teacher-friendly and makes learning fun! ...”


Math Teacher