Participation Policy

A little thought will convince you that consistency is key. No one grade on a quiz or assignment will hurt you or help you much, but your pattern of effort will add up. Consistently preparing well (practice makes permanent) will give you the skills you want, the skills that will enable you to use Arabic (and also do well on the final exam). Remember, learning a language happens by diligently and regularly working on it. Daily assignments are all constructed to help you stay focused, but they can be subverted and turned into busy work that results in minimal real learning. We hope you understand that the assignment sets, quizzes, and tests are there for a purpose: so that you can learn Arabic. You can defeat that purpose rather easily, so be careful.
Language learning is an indirect, rather than a direct, result of the kinds of activities, drills, and online participation that you do. You will often not see a jump in your knowledge based on your having done a particular assignment. However, you must keep involved in the language for anything to happen at all. It is possible to turn any assignment (or a whole semester’s worth of them) into busy work. Please pay attention to why you are doing the drills, attend to the meaning of the sentences you are working with, and don’t ever allow yourself to do a drill just to “get it done.”

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